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These articles are suitable for navarathri pooja gift.

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kanakambaram [cloth]

Kanakambaram strand This kanakambaram strand look like real flower. It is suitable for navarathri guests with Thamboolam. And it use for dancing...
kanakambaram [cloth] $4.99
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Thombai large

Thombai Large This thombai is 6' tall. It is multi colored and adds charm to the place, wherever it is used.  It can be used for entry ways, near the...
Thombai large $46.72

Thombai Medium

Thombai Medium This thombai is made with satin cloth and glitter patch work. Bright appliques, golden color lace work gives rich look to the thombai....
Thombai Medium $20.00

Thombai [small]

THOMBAI [small] This is made by satin cloth with glittering patch work. This applique work and golden color lace work gives richeness of this...
Thombai [small] $10.00
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Umbralla for Ganesh

UMBRELLA FOR VINAYAGA This Umbrella is very best attraction for Vinayaga Chadurthi and Navarathri Golu. This handmade umbrella is wonderful patch...
Umbralla for Ganesh $14.99
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Vagamalai [small]

VAGAMALAI (Garland) [small-pair] This Vagamalai pair will add new look for your Golu dolls and Ambal in golu. Golden color laces, jamikis and golden...
Vagamalai [small] $19.99
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