Religious Dolls

We have lot of dolls and doll sets to represent Hindu religion. They come as individual dolls or set of dolls representing an event or festival.
Buddha and Laughing Buddha dolls represent Bhddhist religion. Christianity dolls are available by pre-ordering.

If you are interested in Christian dolls or any other special dolls, please email us at or call us at 404-969-5050

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Ganesh [sitting] -[Lucky Ganesh}

GANESH [sitting] [Lucky Ganesh} Ganesha doll is the absolute necessary for any golu. Ganesha is the destroyer of the obstacles and all the pujas and...
Ganesh [sitting] -[Lucky Ganesh} $30.00
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KAMADENU Kamadhenu or Kamadenu is the mother of all cows and is divine goddess who blesses her owners whatever they desire. She is the "cow of...
Kamadenu $25.00

Leaf Ganesh

LEAF GANESHA Ganesha’s shape is formed from laying the pipal (arasa maram) leave. It is interesting creation of artist. This unique piece is...
Leaf Ganesh $50.00
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