Full Ramayanam set - I


  • Model: 14NC13
  • Shipping Weight: 450lbs

Ramayanam set 1:

  There are 24 sets and more than 500 pieces. It is made by award winning artist.

  The story of Rama from birth to Pattabhishekam is depicted in picturesque dolls. Each set comes with story board and detailed description. The dolls have magnets embedded and stay put on the story board. You will rejoice this set for years to come. Each set also comes with diagram showing the placement of each piece. This set will be a good addition to your golu doll collection.

  This set is made to order. If you are interested in ordering, please contact us at 770-594-1815.

  Pictures of all the 24 sets are available at our website - Ramayanam Set

$300 Flat rate S&H within continental USA. Email us with your shipping address for S&H quote for orders outside continental USA. Shipped on a pallet.

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